Looking to buy a car? Consider the three things below making a decision.


Car Safety Ratings

Safety is an important factor when buying a car. Car crashes are the number one cause of death for children and adults from ages 1 to 34. The safety of your car can be the difference between life and death if you are involved in a car accident. To review crash test and rollover ratings for different car makes and models, search on the internet. Vehicle recall information is also available online.


Buying a safe car not only saves lives, it saves you money as well. Car insurance companies use safety ratings to boost or lower your premium.


Car Reliability

Reliability is very important when buying a car. Car repairs can take a huge bite out of your wallet, and you'll be left without wheels while the car is in the shop. A new car that needs repairing should have it covered under the original warranty, but a used car may not. Before buying a car "AS IS", research the car's reliability rating and overall condition. There are various websites that help buyers uncover the best used cars for reliability, safety, and availability. You can also review reliability ratings from car forums. In particular, check frequent problems a vehicle you may be interested in may be prone to. Know about subaru dealers lafayette la here!


Car Insurance Costs

Car insurance costs can throw a wrench in your car budgeting. You may be shocked how much car insurance you need to pay for even a used pickup truck. Being young and living in a large city are two factors than can make your car insurance premium skyrocket. In some extreme cases, your monthly car insurance bill may trump the monthly bill for your car loan. To understand more about car dealers, visit


When purchasing a new vehicle, many consumers do not research the cost of car insurance until they have already purchased the car. Many people take the money they have saved and dump it into a brand new luxury car. They see that they will have a low monthly bill for the car loan, but they forget to factor in car insurance. For a young person purchasing a $30,000+ car, the monthly car insurance bill could easily reach $400 a month! Find subaru dealerships baton rouge here!



When you have money, you can easily put down a down payment for over 70% of the cost of a brand new luxury car. However, you would have had to pay almost $400 a month on car insurance.